Saturday, September 11, 2010

New Era of MLG

I've always been a huge fan of MLG and the halo events that they hold. I am curious who else finds these as exciting as I do. I love coming to these events and competing against other kids that think they are tough shit just like me. I always seem to run into the problem of having to carry my team. Now, idk if this is a common thing for some people but it really is a downer and I am starting to think that maybe being really good at a video games takes more of pure born talent than anything. Sure you can train yourself to aim perfectly and hide in the right spots but it's the ability to make those split second decisions that can make or break a great video game player. This mainly applies to FPS games but when it comes to competitive games, I believe that some people were just born to naturally be better than others. I have watched people play games all their lives, 8+ hours a day and still not be able to keep up with people like me that play maybe 2 hours a day. Its strange how this works and i certainly wish there were ways of training your teammates to be able to obtain this skill.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I love waking up and playing free for all. the baby monitor is by far the best asset in the game for this. i love finding the boosters and ruining there killstreak of 24


LOL this one time this guy LOL he serious walked into a bar and asked the bartender LOL if he could have a beer. LOL the polar bear asked him why the long face bub? LOL the man got his beer and said his wife was just diagnosed with cancer and his children are mildy retarded.